Purposeful Education for Storytellers

If you never stop learning, then you'll never stop growing. I'm here to share everything I wish I knew when I started down this career path. After years and years of just figuring it out because I had no idea the education I needed even existed, I want to make learning more attainable for other photographers and creative business owners in that position.

Learn to serve well and to serve honestly, to dive deeper and to challenge yourself further each time.

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Upcoming Workshop:

Gather, learn, and grow with us along the Central CA Coast

To Connect & expand your business

Come to rest, grow, be creatively re-fueled, build community, explore, and most importantly to learn.

Expert guest speakers who will teach and lead shoots + lecture from a real business coach + daily lessons ranging from editing, client communication, editing, posing, and running a photo business + beautifully styled elopement and couple shoots + 30 mins of one on one mentorship time + much more.

The central coast of California is not only one of the most stunning coastlines I've ever seen, but also not overdone in the couples / wedding / brand photography world.



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Cambria, California

August 28 – September 2


In person and one on one. I'll arrange a couple shoot so you can learn directly and shoot alongside me to see and hear what I do. I'll show you everything I can from the beginning to the end of your mentor session. Have questions? Ask away, I'm an open book. Invest in your business and it will give back.

Includes 3 hrs

• Mentorship workbook
• 1 on 1 Q&A
• Business Coaching
• Live session to shoot alongside me

• Post-Shoot evaluation

• Editing Walkthrough and photo critique


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virtual coaching

The best part of a virtual coaching call is that we can connect from anywhere in the world. I'll tell you everything I can from the beginning to the end of your coaching call. You'll receive the same resources as those who choose the one on one mentorship and I'll also send you a live shoot recording so you can see and hear how I work directly with my couples.

Includes 1.5 hours

• Business Coaching

• Mentorship Workbook
• 1 on 1 Q&A

• Editing Walkthrough and photo critique


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Your words

I love it!! It gives a lot of info I've never thought of! I personally loved the client gift part because I've been struggling to fin what to do for normal session as gifts or to add to my client's experience. This helps a ton!

I love how specific it is and yet so simple. Sometimes we don't think about the little intentions that create the client's experience. As a beginner myself, I can be too much in my head or focused on the right camera settings and sometimes forget to interact with people. This helps so much with that!

I love it!!! I love how it's organized and gives so much detail on the steps for specific poses.

— @photosbynevaye

The Couple Session Guide

— @savbrown.photography

The Couple Session Guide

— @kiraalger

The Couple Session Guide